Fitzpatrick Wedding 2013

Hey Chris,

My wife and I just wanted to thank you for such an astounding and wonderful job you and your crew did. We were blown away by how little we ended up having to worry about. In the beginning before we were referred to Carriage House Catering we were getting stressed out about how we were going to handle all of the details and coordinate everything ourselves and you were an absolute answer to prayer! I can’t tell you how much of a wonderful and positive effect you had on both of us from the initial details and more importantly that everything was correct and perfect!

Like most weddings we (the bride and groom) didn’t eat much food but what we did have was absolutely amazing and so much that we would love it if we could order some more just for our first year anniversary! Every guest and family member that we spoke to after the wedding had nothing but compliments after compliments after compliments about the food and appetizers and the staff! The staff was second to none – everyone was so friendly and inviting! My wife was truly blown away by how everything was handled!

The decorations and dress attire by the crew were wonderful and we loved the way they spruced everything up! Also thank you for being so flexible every part of the way and for going out of the way every time just to follow up and make sure everything was just the way we wanted! I would highly recommend Carriage House Catering to anyone for any occasion because the food is outstanding, the people who represent Carriage House Catering are so friendly and easy to work with and always willing to go the extra mile with everything they do! I would dare say that the chefs are top notch and definitely the best food I’ve ever had and it’s so nice to work with someone who is all in it for you and will go to any length to make sure it’s perfect! I really can’t say enough and wanted to thank you again for all of the hard work and please convey my gratitude to the entire crew and everyone involved! Have a great day Chris and I hope all is well!

Matthew J. Fitzgerald