Hermes Wedding 2013

Hey Chris,

I wanted to thank you and your staff for our day this past Saturday. I really appreciate how well things went considering how late we showed up, we were missing an important person for the church ceremony. I’m sure that messed up your timing! I have to say it was quite shocking seeing that other bridal party and you handled it well, it was very uncalled for and not sure how they really got in. I was really glad for that room upstairs and your staff to give me some time to cool off.

But anyway, everything tasted really good and your staff was super attentive especially with my bustle falling apart a couple of times. They were all super sweet and accommodating! The D.J. was awesome and I was happy I didn’t have to tell him exactly what to play and he felt it out. Nobody had anything bad to say and you give great advice, always on top of things and leaving me not to worry. Many people were impressed the food came out hot (not under heat lamps like most facilities). I can for sure say that no one else can do better than you. I lost my purse a dozen times and every time it was put back on the sweetheart table. I think everyone was extremely happy to be a part of our day, I greatly appreciate all the vendors you suggested and thanks again.