Kathryn & Gary Wedding 2016

Chris…Where oh where to begin? Now, after the fact, I feel like I’m missing a limb. There’s such a trust and friendship that grows in working with you…I feel a bit sad that we have no more reasons to just pick up the phone, always be able to reach you, have every question or problem answered with a “yes”…”No problem”. Our guests were blown away. ‘I’ve never had such good food at a wedding”. From the most delicious apps which were offered nonstop by attractive, helpful, friendly, smiling staff who felt like family…To well organized, beautifully presented and delicious selection of food at the carving stations.

Gary and I were sooo spoiled. Anything we needed anything we wanted…Wow…Wish life was always like this. Our captains Erica and Catherine were so calm, very attractive inside and out, absolutely outstanding! as were all of your crew, with a special mention for the fellow who offered me an arm to lean on in more ways than one.

Everything you hear about CCH Catering, no matter how good, isn’t enough! We love you guys and hope we get the chance to see you all again.

There’s no one better…No doubt in our minds.

All the best Chris, Please pass on our thanks and felicitations to everybody (not forgetting the behind the scene folks too)

Hope we’ll see you around

Kathryn & Gary Stranko

6/11/2016 wedding