Marie & Erik Wedding 2015

Hi Chris,

I hope all is well and summer has kept you busy but not too overwhelmed! Erik and I are winding down from wedding festivities and honeymoon time and working our way back into reality (its all good). Our wedding ceremony and reception at Tarrywile on August 15th was fabulous, and you are in so many ways to thank for this. The vendors you suggested, the guidance you gave along the way, your willingness to go above and beyond even when I was willing to walk away (the challenge of finding challah bread in august became personal for you, I was willing to let it go but you would have none of it!) all worked in harmony to pull the day together for us perfectly. You were always available and responsive to any detail, question, and concern we thought of (and some we didn’t).

We met during the initial planning stages – we were considering Tarrywile, but didn’t understand what it could mean to organize an event off-site. The day we stopped by to look at Tarrywile, we had the good fortune of meeting you. You presented some initial ideas to us and explained how you organize an event. I can say truthfully if it hadn’t been for you, we wouldn’t have been able to enjoy the final weeks and last few days leading up to the “BIG DAY”, as much as we did. Since we were doing this largely on our own we didn’t have the resources to chase down vendors for answers. Being able to say to myself, “Chris has that under control,” or “I’ll check with Chris and see what he suggests,” whenever a detail crossed my mind gave me so much peace of mind and the ability to sleep at night. There’s always going to be some level of stress when you’re planning a wedding, but we were able to enjoy putting the personal touches on our day because you had everything else covered. My memories will include Erik and I spending some quiet time together as we assembled favors and seating cards, instead of frantically wondering why a vendor isn’t calling us back or listening to our concerns. As a bride who really wanted to enjoy her wedding day, and who also works and has other responsibilities, you don’t know what it meant to have such a low stress experience – you can’t put a price on that.

So again, thank you for all that you did to make our wedding day so memorable for all the right reasons. We may need to renew our vows next year just to have you cater the party (just be sure to bring the mushroom dumplings).

Best regards,

Marie & Erik