Ryan & Annie Wedding 2014

Ryan and I cannot thank you enough for catering and helping us to plan our wedding day! You truly made it the wedding of our dreams and then some. Everything from the appetizers to the cake cutting was perfect! You and your staff thought of everything! Someone once told me that the details are what make a wedding special. After our wedding I couldn’t agree more. You should add “Wedding Planner” to “Carriage House Events and Catering” because you are a true master at planning every little detail. Meeting you at Tarrywile the day before and at the rental place as we were planning helped to relieve so much stress. Ryan was so excited about this personalized salad that he made a point to sit down and eat the entire plate. Actually Ryan and I both took the time to sit down and eat. Putting us at a sweetheart table in the conservatory was pure genius! I didn’t even bother to order chicken on our honeymoon because I know it wouldn’t compare to yours. Even the butter in the shape of roses was extraordinary and tasted extra special. Just when I thought it couldn’t be any better, I saw a tray of chocolate covered strawberries. I don’t know how you knew, but they are a favorite of mine. I wish you could have seen my face when Sherri told me you added them in as a surprise for us; I was smiling from ear to ear…and they tasted so good!

Sheri and your staff made sure everything ran smoothly, even when Ryan’s grandmother had a seizure. They are true professionals and have clearly been hand picked by you! Ali made sure that I always had a glass of iced tea. Matter of fact, Ryan and I didn’t need to go to the bare once as we were always taken care of. Our guests also comment several times about how nice and accommodating your staff was, not to mention that they are still raving about the food! The staff at Tarrywile at the end of the night even came up to thank us for using Carriage House.  After our wedding everything was packed away, cleaned up, and left in excellent condition.

When Ryan and I started to plan our wedding, we never thought we would be able to have a wedding as nice as ours was. You made dreams come true despite our budget and slight time crunch. It is hard to believe after planning our wedding for a year that we didn’t even book our event with you until about 4 months before our wedding day. I guess you could say that third time is a charm after going through two other caterers prior to you. You are truly a diamond in the rough. Other caterers promise the world and turned to be far less than professional. My advice for anyone from now on is to go with someone who caters for a living and go with Carriage house as you guys are hands down the best in the business! I hope someone will read this and learn from my mistakes. Using Carriage House will save any future bride and groom so much time with far less stress than going with another caterer.

We both highly recommend Carriage House Catering for any event. I have already told my sister to have you cater her wedding when the time comes. We both can’t wait to taste your food again! I hope she gets engaged and married soon! Until then, we wish you the best. Even though I have tried, I feel as though words cannot express how thankful we are to you and your staff. You were an answer to prayer!

With gratitude and blessings,

Annie & Ryan