Erica & Gabriel Wedding 2014


Yes, everything went off wonderfully, except for the ceremony starting much later then we wanted (buses fault) not yours or even ours since we were ready to go at 5:00 pm. Surprising right? the bride being ready on time. Haha.

Your staff was as good as you said they would be. Sheri was sooo wonderful and really kept everything in order for us. I will write a much better letter of happiness to you and your staff once Gabriel and I collect all of our thoughts but I wanted to return this email to you faster so you know that we enjoyed it all. Thank you for putting up with all of our craziness. I hope I wasn’t too much of a “bridezilla”. I tried to keep myself in check and go with the flow (which is hard on me).

Thank you and look for our next email to add to all your other wonderful praises.

Erica and Gabriel

Venue: Tarrywile Mansion

Rentals: All Season Party Rentals