Wien Retirement Party 2014

Dear Chris,

Hello and remember me?

It has been a year since our retirement party…and I am just now finally writing to you to thank you. But, nevertheless, I did want to take the time out and thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Stan and I absolutely loved what you did and how you did it! Our retirement brunch was something we will always treasure…and that is all due to you and your experience and expertise in the business (of making special days memorable).

You were extremely accessible for all the “before details” upfront and accurate in your estimation of total cost – on target for how the day would play out. You were on top of everything; anticipating what was needed. All your hard work in coordinating the rentals, the work of the staff chosen for us, the food and drink preparation, made that beautiful Sunday in June at the Tarrywile Mansion unforgettable. I can’t thank you enough!!! I have some pictures saved on my PC which I hope to send over to you, if you’d like. I have also promised to send some of our pictures over to Tarrywile. (But it is on my to do list!)

Again, pardon my tardiness but THANKX for everything!


KJ Wein